A Shift in Consciousness

Como casi nos cayó del cielo el secretario de Gobernación (qepd) creo que no hicimos el argüende necesario sobre Obama, como la neta me da hueva, ahí les va el post del blog del hermano Tom, de Arcanta

What was experienced on Nov. 4, 2008, was nothing less than an expansion of consciousness.

Global communication is the hallmark of our age. The digital revolution does, indeed, serve a higher purpose. We live in a time when events can be experienced simultaneously by people the world over. The joy and elation that was shared with the election of Barack Obama as president of the United States spread beyond our borders. Dancing in the streets, spontaneous tears, the hugging of strangers, all this was not unique to the city of Chicago but was common from sea to shining sea. Such genuine celebration took place on every continent. This is of great significance.

Prior to the latter half of the 19th century, change happened slowly. For millenia, news could travel no faster than a horse’s gallop. An important event, of whatever magnitude, could take years to become common knowledge. The reverberations of various discoveries, disasters, wars, lives and deaths echoed for decades.

Cut to the summer of 1997. The tragic death of Diana, Princess of Wales, caught everyone by surprise. Even more surprising was the outpouring of grief and sadness that manifested in makeshift memorials throughout the world, and culminated in her funeral service, which was watched live by an estimated 2.5 billion. That people all around the planet—often to their bewilderment—experienced feelings of deep sorrow simultaneously should not be overlooked. Mother Theresa’s demise soon after only added to the emotional upheaval.

These events, however, were but a prelude to September 11, 2001. By time the towers fell, a global audience experienced shock and awe like never before. Such an event was unprecedented (and almost unbelievable). Countless millions of people witnessed the death of thousands as it happened. This is staggering. A world-wide outpouring of grief, sorrow, and confusion, on a scale never seen before, was a result that the mainstream media soon forgot but the hearts of humanity remember still.

It may be human nature to desire a “return to normal”, but it is always a new normal that is achieved. Things are never quite the same after these experiences. One can’t unlearn what one already knows. The changes which occur transcend any attempt at intellectual grasping; the effects of these causes can never be fully determined. All that is certain is that a new level has been reached, another threshold crossed.

What’s important to remember, from a wholistic point of view, is that such major events are not actually the causes of paradigm shifts, but the effects. They are the symptoms of deeper changes, translated through time and space. Barack Obama’s ascent is monumental on any number of fronts; the implications are numerous and will be the subject of many an essay. He is, however, the tip of a wave of sentiment whose time has come. This is not to make a mere figurehead of the man, whose power to inspire cannot be denied. Yet what is inspiration but the re-igniting of a flame that was already there?

That the responses listed above to the aforementioned events were not experienced by everyone is quite clear. Many appeared untouched, even embittered, by these changes. Humans embody a vast spectrum of potential, after all. None the less, waves of expanding consciousness will continue to reach an ever-increasing screen of awareness, infinitely and eternally. What this means is beyond anyone’s estimation, but the tide is coming in and we’re all a part of it.

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