Audio: “Microhistory of a 17th-Century Witch”

Immerse yourself in 17th-century Europe with "Microhistory of a 17th-Century Witch", a 30-minute audio production.

"It is May of the year 1618. In the small village of Leonberg, in the region of Württemberg, just over ten kilometers from Stuttgart in what is now known as Germany, Katharina — a widow of over 70 years who cannot read or write — hears someone timidly knock on her door."

In this project, we transformed Melissa Cassab's fascinating story, "Microhistory of a 17th-Century Witch," into a 30-minute audio experience, specially designed for subscribers of the nexos magazine. A journey to 17th-century Europe, exploring misogyny and obscurantism through audio. nexos. Un viaje a la Europa del siglo XVII, explorando la misoginia y el oscurantismo a través del audio.

This audio production represents an exciting opportunity to explore history in an entirely new way. This unique content not only provides entertainment and relevance but also invites reflection on the historical and social themes addressed in the story.

The main voice is Melissa Cassab's, and I handled the editing in Adobe Audition, supporting voices, and music selection. In this excerpt, you can hear Pachelbel's Chaconne in F Minor performed by Tibor Pinter under a CC BY-SA 3.0 license, Handel's Concerto for Organ Op. 7 No. 1 HWV 306, third movement performed by the Advent Chamber Orchestra with David Schrader on the organ, under a CC BY-SA 2.0 license, and Léonin's Breves Dies Hominis. The illustration accompanying the article is by Jaque Jours.

You can listen to an excerpt in spanish here: